Diesel Tumbleweeds and Other Tales

Released 2008

Featured Songs:

Simple Summer Song

My Train Song

In The Dead Of Winter

A Walk To Clear My Mind

Reinvention Intention

Released 2011

Featured Songs:

Dream Chaser

A Gentle Rain

Frame Of Mind

Good Song For The Soul



Catharsis In Cadence 

released 2015 

Featured Songs: 

My First Guitar

From April To May

High School Rock Night

Four String Crutch

Transmitting Mysterious Wisdom

released 2020

Featured Songs:

Between the Earth and Heaven

Airport Troubadour

Inukshuk Alley

York Durham Line



Beneath A Tangerine Light

released 2021 

Featured Songs: 

Retrace The Steps 

From Spring To Winter In A Day 

Beneath A Tangerine Light

Something To Someone