Beneath A Tangerine Light (2021 album)

Introducing "Beneath A Tangerine Light"......Matthew's 2021 album. 

Please press play on this website's player to listen. The album is streaming exclusively here, until the end of October 2021. Afterwards, there will be links to the major streaming sites on this website. 


Matthew Marren.... 

-composed all songs (lyrics/music), mixed all songs 

-performed vocals, played all instruments on all tracks, except for Lisa Kent's handclaps (Track 1) 

-instruments played are electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, congas, tambourine, other percussion


Mastered by Audio Endeavors Studio and Mastering House

Photo by Lisa Kent

Artwork by Matthew Marren 


Song inspirations.... 

1-Retrace The Steps: Literally (and figuratively) retracing steps through the past, with the perspective of time and experience. 

2-From Spring To Winter In A Day: A morning drive on a warm, sunny day that seemed later in Spring than it really was. 

3-Beneath A Tangerine Light: Where I go to do some serious thinking! 

4-Afternoon Cup Of Tea: 20 years ago, a memorable courtship. 

5-Spirits Crossing Walls And Ceiling: When I was very young and at my Grandmother's cottage, I would see headlights on the walls and high ceiling coming through the windows. Also hearing the cars in the distance around the bend, then draw closer and then pass by, as I wondered who was in the cars and where they may be going. All this while drifting off to sleep. 

6-Something To Someone: Painted somewhat avant-garde portraits in our home, that often have me saying to myself "you must have been something to someone".   

7-I Lie Awake: Originally composed in 1988, while I was experiencing a particularly nasty spell of insomnia. Re-done for this album, it now is a testament to how one's (well, my) mind can spin and race with rumination, while trying to rest and let go. 

8-A Life In A Song: Four minutes long.  


all songs on "Beneath A Tangerine Light", copyright 2021 matthewmarrenmusic